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Your health and the health of our employees is our top priority. That’s why we have adapted our application process and made it completely digital.  

However, this does not make the process significantly different from before the pandemic, except that we cannot meet directly on site.  

Due to the current situation, it is important to prevent possible infections, which is why we conduct our interviews exclusively by phone / mobile phone or as a web meeting via Microsoft Teams.  

But don’t worry, you won’t have any disadvantages! We are looking for new staff despite the pandemic, because DHC is growing day by day.

The switch to digital communication has also found its way to our clients, and the projects are progressing steadily. Therefore, dare to contact us even in these challenging times!

As a family-friendly, medium-sized company, we take care of our employees even in unusual times and remain a reliable employer.

Your and our protection
are important to us!

We wear mask when the risk of infection demands it!

We keep

  • Do we work differently in our office since Corona?

    Before Corona, our employees were already working in their home offices when needed, and this will not change after Corona. Of course, we will provide you with the necessary equipment. So you have the choice of where you work from.

    If you like to come to the office to attend an important appointment or generally prefer to work in the office, that's no problem either. We have developed a special hygiene concept that hardly restricts you, but still ensures safety. Of course, we will continue to use this concept after Corona.

    Since the daily exchange over coffee or the short small talk in the corridor is completely omitted, but we consider this exchange important, we have introduced a digital coffee corner on Fridays. This takes place via MS teams and is intended for exchanges, getting to know each other or other conversations.


Our onboarding process takes place on site thanks to a special hygiene process.
This is how you get to know our premises and first colleagues. 

Look here to learn more about our >> onboarding process <<


We look forward to getting to know you! 

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Andreas Leidisch, Senior Manager Human Resources

DHC Consulting Jobs
Andreas Leidisch